How To Get More Facebook Likes For Free

How To Get More Facebook Likes For Free

Facebook provides business owners with a powerful and unique opportunity to engage with their target market. It is the ideal online space to create brand awareness, build trust and engage with potential clients.

However, you compete with thousands of others that are trying to get noticed too. If your Facebook business page has quietened down and engagement is dwindling, boost your likes by following these 10 smart tips.

By the way, these are all at no cost to you.




  1. Scrutinise your data. Go to the Insights tab on your Facebook page and see which posts your fans liked, commented on or shared. This is the easiest way to see what your audience prefer. Or simply ask your fans what they would like to see on your page.
  2. Make content king. Now that you know from your Page Insights what works and what not, post more of it. To create more of “it”, keep in mind that posts with a Call to Action get more engagement, especially if it triggers emotions like love, longing, fascination, sadness, rage or anger.
  3. Time your posts. Much research has been done on the subject of perfect timing for Facebook posts. Early morning and around eight at night are usually good times. Go to Facebook Insights and click on the “When your fans are online” under Posts report to make sure.
  4. Work on weekends. In general, people have more free time during the weekend to browse Facebook and connect with friends. Content that is family-orientated, or relates to activities and entertainment work well. The other benefit is that most big brands don’t post over weekends so the feed is less busy. This is the ideal time to get noticed!
  5. Embed your blog posts. You will make your Facebook page much more visible if you embed relevant Facebook page updates in your blog post. Engagement will grow by leaps and bounds.
  6. Post on Pinterest. If your target audience is women, you can increase the reach of your Facebook business page by reposting Facebook photos on Pinterest and then linking them back to the page update.
  7. Ask on LinkedIn. The people who socialise on LinkedIn are business-minded. Ask your connections to like your Facebook business page and your likes will increase substantially.
  8. Run a competition. People love to win stuff. However, make sure the prize is worth the effort of sharing the post!
  9. Sign off with a link. Include your Facebook page link in your e-mail signature. People may just click on it and like your page.
  10. Get creative. People love to be entertained (that’s exactly why they are on Facebook). Dream up creative ways of making them laugh, comment and engage.

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