How To Create Ads That Win Over Hearts

How To Create Ads That Win Over Hearts

A large percentage of internet users distrust online ads. If your business advertisements are too salesy it could have a negative impact on your image and brand.

The secret to successful online and social media ads or sponsored content is to build a trust relationship with your clients by offering them more perceived value with your social or content-based ads.

Here are four ways to win over more hearts, gain traffic and increase sales with your ads.


1.     Stay true to your brand

It is essential that your ads or sponsored content is authentic – what you promise your audience, is what they get. In other words, your ads must be true to your business’ product or service and not a way to just lure them into your larder. When you promote your editorial-based content, make sure you entertain or empower them, and don’t force them to buy anything as yet.

2.     Be honest in your headline

Few things are as frustrating as discovering that the article headline that got you to click is a fake or nothing like what the heading promised. Remember, users have many options and you should not take them for granted. If they are disappointed with your content, chances are that they will never read content from your business again.

3.     First relationship, then conversion

First build a relationship with your potential clients. The basis of a healthy connection is transparency, empathy and honesty. It is vital that your ad content is first and foremost optimised for relationship building. If you get this right, the natural by-product will be conversions.

4.     Make good on your promises

Remember, every download, subscribe or buy is an agreement. Whether it is on your website, social media or e-mail marketing you need to honour your commitments. Every interaction should meet your client’s expectations.

We are human and we work with humans. So getting our ads and message should be simple? Unfortunately, that is not always the case. If you need help to create ads that grab and hold attention, give Scarlett’s Web a call.