How To Get Your Blog Read

How To Get Your Blog Read

You’ve poured heart and soul into your company’s latest blog post. You know your words can change someone’s life. However, your writings just don’t get the readership that its deserves.

The fact is that you should spend 20% of your time writing your blog, and 80% getting people to actually read it.

So what do you do after you press publish?



Here are 7 tips on how to get more your readers for your blog.

Tease your audience

The first step to let people know you have a new, fabulous blog post is to send a teaser e-mail. Do not include the entire blog in the mail because that will not get you any traffic. Entice your subscribers with a short, sharp introduction and include the link to your site and a social share.

Don’t let the magic end

Create an evergreen social media campaign for your blogs. This type of campaign recycle itself repeatedly. For instance, share the headline or a variation of your heading on social media, share a quote or excerpt from your post, or create and share an image or infographic from your original post. Have a look at for information and advice.

Call in the big guns

Approach influencers in your field to help you share your writings. An influencer can help you go viral in an instant (if your content is excellent and relevant of course). But where do you find influencers? Try and click on Influencers or Google your topic and find popular blogs. Create a list of influencers and e-mail them when you have a new blog.

Go in search of brilliant backlinks

Find bloggers who might like your content and are generous enough to consider adding a line of your blog post in theirs. Your content must be relevant, brilliant and awe inspiring though.

Link your own stuff

Google finds your blogs easier if you interlink your blogs posts with each other. Your search engine rankings will also increase and readers keep browsing your blog.

Create a Facebook ad using your post

Top blogs turn their posts into Facebook ads to drive traffic. You don’t have to spend more than a few Rands per day to increase your subscriber list using blogs and Facebook ads.

Turn your post into something else

Rework your blog posts and transform them into: Podcasts, a webinar, a video, a downloadable PDF, or publish an e-Book with various related posts.

Stop writing blog after blog. Look at your existing stock and try some of the above tips to get more followers.

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