25 Killer Tips To Improve Website Conversions

25 Killer Tips To Improve Website Conversions

If your website is your profit centre, you need to convert as many people as possible.

Whether you want them to sign up for your newsletter, download a free e-book or, first prize, get them to buy your stuff, it must be fast and easy to do so.


We have 25 incredibly smart tips for you to convert more visitors to your site.

Calls To Action

  • Place your Call to action button above the fold to make sure it stands out from any other buttons.
  • Test your Call to Action text. Instead of “Buy Now” try “Order Now”, and instead of “Sign up” consider “Try it”!
  • Use colours that stand out for your Call to action buttons. If not, they can easily get lost in the colour scheme of your website.
  • Now test, test, test: The shape, colour, size and text to see what works.
  • Once a user has clicked on the Call to action button, make sure the process is simple, flows easily and they know what to expect.


  • The most important information must be above the fold. The user’s eyes must be directed to what you want them to see first. Eliminate all the clutter.
  • The second best place to put your important information is at the bottom of the page. People usually just scan the middle.
  • Having whitespace is not a sin. It is the ideal way to draw attention to the Call to action.
  • Make the first letter of the body text a drop cap. It fills the space between the headline and body copy.
  • If your copy is long, use a few call to action buttons. For example, one above the fold, on at the end, and at a few logical places throughout the copy.
  • Use hand-drawn arrows, underlined text or asterisks to highlight important stuff.


  • Put the emphasis on “You: or “Your” in the copy. Leave out the “I”. Remember, it is about your clients and their needs, and not about you.
  • Use verbs to get people to take action. Buy, register, subscribe alongside words like now, before 31 July, or today create a sense of urgency.  
  • If you copy is engaging and people want to read more, long copy is acceptable. However, be ruthless when it comes to editing out unnecessary gibberish.
  • Short, punchy paragraphs make reading easier, especially on mobile devices.  
  • Refresh the content of “old” pages regularly.
  • People buy on emotion. But they also want to rationalise their purchase. Remind them of why it is a good idea to buy you product or service.
  • Make sure your headlines contain a visitor’s “paint point”. These paint points forces them to acknowledge that they need your service or product and get them to take action.
  • Sub-headlines are just as important. They usually get your visitor interested in your site.


  • Your visitor must be able to get their destination in three clicks. Full stop.
  • Testimonials are great. Use them throughout your site.
  • Ask only for the necessary information in forms. Name and email are usually enough.
  • Video is huge. Include a homemade video to demonstrate your product or service.
  • It must be easy for people to share your page with friends on social media or via e-mail.
  • If you have been featured in magazines, on tv or other publications, mention it!

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