1. The Initial Meeting


1. Discuss Brand Objectives
2. Request Necessary Materials
3. Payment & Delivery Terms Are Discussed

The client’s logo, necessary log in details and other graphicsrequired in vector formats for the most dynamicsearch marketing campaigns, Facebook drives as well aswebsite development to be correctly executed. The initial ad copy as well as keywords and so forth must be discussed before our design team begin projects.

Duration time between 1 and 3 days

2. Creating The Campaign


1. Set Up Ad Account
2. Give Client Project Layout
3. Begin Onsite Production Development

The client provides proof of payment for thewebsite development and or search marketing campaigndrive. A R200 advertising credit is offered for new web campaigns on Scarlett’s Web master account networks. Ad budget, location focus as well as duration will be set for thecampaign.

Duration time between 4 and 6 days

3. Design And Approval


1. Design And Revise Content
2. Client Approves Ads & Layout
3. Approval By Google & Webmaster Tools

It is usually advised that the ad landing pages on the destination website can be created at this stage of the production phase so that further alignment, relevant targeting of customer audiences and campaign success can be achieved. Depending on the health of site, this service incur an additional once off fee.

Duration time between 7 and 10 days

4. Campaign Activation


1. Campaign Goes Live
2. Daily Review
3. Placements Can Be Included / Removed

No guarantees that all ad keyword phrases will appear on each of the placements chosen for the campaign on the first day. Allow the first week to gain user impressions in order for client account to start performing

Duration of campaign drive

5. Campaign Review


1. Screenshots Taken
2. Monthly Reports Scheduled
3. Campaign Optimisation Strategies & Lifespan Scheduling

Performance feedback on client campaign drive as well asGoogle Analytics website traffic reporting will be provided every 30 days of campaign being live which will include the above information.

Duration time between 7 and 30 days

6. Next Campaign Structure


1. Budgets Renewed
2. Monthly Fee’s Invoiced & Payment Made
3. Campaign Cycle Repeats

Each additional campaign drive will incur an additional once off production fee regardless of a project duration goal as well as any necessary design fees.

Duration time will be campaign specific

Our Approach To Business – Great User Experience = Brand/Consumer Loyalty

Our clients positive response to our goal-meeting achievements allow us to unlock their business’ true potential and audience reach through a now evolved brand. We then create inspiring and genuinely effective search marketing communications between brand and customer.

We believe we can do the most good by doing what we are good at and bringing together over 10 yearsbusiness marketing expertise, as well as philanthropic commitments to our clients to positively influence ourlocal communities.