Surf4Cars – Conversions @ The Lowest CPA

Surf4Cars – Conversions @ The Lowest CPA


In 2015 Surf4cars had existing Paid Google (Adwords) campaigns as well as a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy with an internationally renowned agency. Their entire business runs on the leads they generate for the dealerships that advertises with them, as well as the traffic their website generates monthly to be attractive for new dealerships to join.


The previous campaign ran on mostly very generic keywords like ‘used cars’ which being so broad did not drive the relevant traffic to their site as well as being a costly way of driving that traffic.


We immediately identified that the campaign should be as specific as possible in order to drive more leads at a lower cost per lead thus taking the potential client directly to what they were looking for. Since this is the biggest aspect of their business we took over the campaign in phases.


With these changes and additions we have a stable cost per lead of R54 a lead where their previous best ever cost per lead was R152 giving them a saving of 65% per lead.

On their organic (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign they averaged 6,375 visits to their website a month. With a year and a half’s monthly work we are now getting 10,130 organic visits to their site per month. The unique visits are sitting on 15,954 per month. Our work helps Surf4cars to bring more clients on board weekly and their client retention rate has been drastically improved.