PandP Communications – Ranking Naturally Through SEO

PandP Communications – Ranking Naturally Through SEO


PandP specialises in Public Relations.
They joined Scarlett’s Web in 2014 with the launch of their new website.


They knew that in this competitive industry they would not be found unless they promoted the website on Google so they needed to invest in a good website. PandP needed web traffic, branding and customers with a need for Public Relations to find them.


We recommend SEO – Search Engine Optimisation is when we optimize your website on and off the site monthly, over a period of 6 months (on Average) to get you to the first page of Google naturally with the keywords you select. You will gradually see your website ranking higher on Google every month per keyword until the desired objective is achieved: seeing yourself on the 1st page of Google.


The SEO campaign performed well from month 1. When you do an SEO campaign it is all about ranking per selected keyword. With you starting ranking you need to monitor the month on month growth thereafter in order to evaluate its effectiveness. We had growth on 2 keywords out of the 5 selected after month 1 (2 keywords move closer to the first page than where they were when we started). In month 2 we saw both those keywords moving even closer to page 1, a 3rd keyword also moved closer to page 1 at this point. Month 3 of this campaign we have positive movement on all 5 keywords and 2 keywords now on the first page of Google. In month 4 we have a 4th and 5th keyword moving swiftly to page 1 and sitting on page 2. We are now discussing what new keywords to add into the campaign. Can’t wait to see the results after month 5. SEO is not an overnight investment; it also doesn’t have to be a lifetime dream.