No More Debt – Lead Generation From 3% To 22% In Year 1

No More Debt – Lead Generation From 3% To 22% In Year 1


No More Debt is a debt solutions firm based in Centurion. They help ordinary people get out of difficult financial times on a daily basis. Some of their competitors include bigger franchised companies like Debt Busters and Debt Rescue.


They really needed clients with debt problems to find them. They contracted Scarlett’s Web in 2011 with a small budget of R6500 per month, having previously used many companies for lead generation where nothing materialised.


After careful consideration of their needs, Scarlett’s Web decided that a Google Adwords campaign (paid Google advertising campaign) would be the best solution on a tight budget. This allows a company to pay for a position on the 1st page of Google when a potential customer searches one of their products or services. Google Adwords is instant in that you will appear on the first page of Google in the first month of spending money. It also puts you in front of the person that searches for what you do. (click here to read more about Google paid campaigns).


This paid Google campaign was successful from month 1, generating good quality leads daily. We launched a second campaign 2 months later and saw a steady increase in customer contacts and conversions. The 3rd and 4th followed shortly afterwards. Following the launch of the 4th paid Google campaign, No More Debt stopped all other lead generation sources, realizing they were getting best value for money from this campaign, initially having a 3% conversion ratio they now convert at 22% with the Scarlett’s Web leads. In addition to the 4 campaigns mentioned above, they are now investing in bulk email and other web leads as well! No More Debt has seen a growth in their staff compliment as well as their turnover since joining Scarlett’s Web.