Cargo Motors Bedfordview – Facebook Page To New Heights

Cargo Motors Bedfordview – Facebook Page To New Heights


When Scarlett’s Web met Cargo Motors in 2016 they were in dire need of direction with their social media presence.


Their social media was a disaster. They had 6 000 followers on the page with very little engagement, which immediately raised red flags. Through investigation we all realised these followers were from India. They have no interest in what Cargo Motors does and thus the lack of engagement.


We launched a paid South Africa Facebook campaign and grew their following with a relevant audience to 15,123 followers on the page in 3 months. Our only strategy for the first 3 months was growing relevant followers. After the first 3 months we changed the strategy to drive additional website traffic and leads of people interested in buying a car.


We deliver 40 leads to Cargo Motors Bedfordview every month.