Why You Should Be Planning For The Release Of WordPress 5.0 With Gutenberg

Why You Should Be Planning For The Release Of WordPress 5.0 With Gutenberg

If you’re a client or a developer there is one thing we all agree on, and that is clicking the update button for WordPress when it appears to ensure we are using the latest version of the WordPress framework. By keeping plugins and the WordPress framework up-to-date it ensures any bugs are fixed, and it makes sure you have the latest security updates. But early in 2018 before you do that upgrade to WordPress version 5.0 there is a new feature coming that may change the way your website looks.


What is Gutenberg and why may it effect your website? If you have ever added a page or made a post you know the editor is pretty simple with its visual/text editor. Unless you have had a specialised template or had a developer add features or custom post types, your pages lack having much being able to be added without a little html/css know how or adding a bunch of plugins to help you. Gutenberg is going to change that.  WordPress plans on releasing the new style editor in 3 parts with the first part being planned for release with WordPress 5.0. The new editor will be a WYSIWYG style that will enable you to create content rich pages without a 3rd party plugin or a builder. Basically the builder will be integrated into the WordPress core. WordPress is making the changes to be more in line with competing website framework companies like WIX and Square.

So what does this mean for me?

With such a radical update it means that at this point we don’t know the behavior of some plugins, template, and post types will work with your website once it’s updated. WordPress is going to offer a legacy plugin to turn off the Gutenberg update. But this will mean you will lose all the cool future features and at some point you may be looking at having to get a new site or changing your website to work with the upgrade.

The future of WordPress websites

Scarlett’s Web loves developing with WordPress so we are right now starting to test these changes to anticipate what this will mean for our current client websites and future projects. We knew that eventually things would have to move forward and we look forward to the changes. With this new change it means we can easily set up a template looking page for our clients and they will have an easier time updating their own content.  We won’t have to send them a long and sometimes complicated instructional manual on how to make content updates. We believe in making websites easy for our clients to use.

What’s next?

As we move forward with the WordPress 5.0 change Scarlett’s Web will be here to help clients with this big update whilst keeping a great online brand image front end as well as the backend. If you’re a maintenance client we will test and implement any changes that are part of your contract so that your website continues to have the look and feel you want as well as make any changes necessary. If you are not on maintenance now is a good time to consider signing up for a plan. We also offer a one time call fee to help with a small issues.

Article source: https://jsweb.solutions