How To Write AdWords Ads That Grabs Attention

How To Write AdWords Ads That Grabs Attention

Writing effective ad copy for AdWords campaigns is simple yet complex. Your choice of words and characters could make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful AdWords ad.

So how does one go about writing ads that stand out from the Google crowd and harvest the most clicks?

Here are a few perfect points to get your AdWords ads noticed.



1.Start with the numbers: Here is what you get.

25 characters for the headline.

70 characters for the ad text.

35 characters for the display URL.

2.Now use numbers in your ads.

Numbers make your ads stand out visually. R499,99 or 100% money-back guarantee breaks up blocks of words and letters. With the use of numbers, people know exactly what they are getting and it also eliminates those who are not a good fit for your business when it comes to price.

Example: Landing Page *SALE* R2499,99

Done in 1 day.

100% custom design. Order now.

3.Include ASCII characters.

The percentage sign, an asterisk or the registered trademark sign can also be used to pause text. These characters draw attention to your ad.

4.Offer something irresistible.

Let’s use the example above again. This is a great price, you’ll get your landing page in just one day and they won’t use a template. You’d be losing out not to get your extremely urgent and custom-made landing page from Scarlett’s Web.

5.Add a Call to Action.

Tell people exactly what to do to take up your incredible offer. In the example above, it is clear that you can order you landing page online now.

6.State the benefits.

The price is truly great. The other implied benefit is that Scarlett’s Web is not going to buy a template or let someone else design your landing page. The fact that it is a custom-made page hints that yours will be truly unique and crafted for your product and service.

7.Use power words in your copy.

A study has shown that “you”, “click”, “free”, “increase”, “opportunity”, “learn”, “easiest”, “find”, “love”, and “compare” are words that convert.

The success of your AdWords campaign also depends on trying out different options and seeing what works best. All too technical? Leave the thinking and launching to Scarlett’s Web.