How To Write Product Descriptions That Sell

How To Write Product Descriptions That Sell

Do you want your products to fly off your virtual shelf? Then your product descriptions must pack a punch. How you describe your products can make all the difference between ‘Add to cart’ or well, not.

Descriptions in your online shop should not simply describe your products; they must sell them.

So how does one go about writing the perfect product description? Here is a list of the three basic elements of great product descriptions.

1. Firstly, consider the who, what, where, when, why and how. Who is your target market (age, gender, life phase), what are the product details (material, dimensions, functions), where would you use this product (indoors or outdoors), when is the best time to use it (during the day or night, seasonally or for all occasions), why does your product stand out from the rest (features and price), and how does the product work (if this applies to yours). Use these in bullet format for scanning and easy-reading purposes.

2. Now that all the technical stuff is covered, it is time to tell the story. This is your opportunity to wax lyrical about your product. With these longer descriptions – two to three sentences will do the job – you evoke emotions or awaken the imagination of potential buyers. By writing a paragraph, you set the scene and help the client realise why they cannot live without your product. This is also the perfect place to infuse your brand with personality. Are you casual, humorous, serious or matter-of-fact?

3. Social proof sells. People like to buy stuff that is popular. If your product has been featured in a magazine, show and tell. Ask happy customers to write a review and include it with the product description. Keep in mind that an online review is as good as a personal recommendation.

When writing product descriptions, it is also essential that you differentiate between features, advantages and benefits.

Features include all the facts, characteristics and data like size, weight, colour and functions. Advantages are how the product can help the buyer and make their life easier. Benefits meet a specific need that a buyer has at this point in time.

Are you ready to write product descriptions that sell? If it seems like an impossible task, talk to Scarlett’s Web today to help you make your online store profitable.