How To Create The Perfect Landing Page

How To Create The Perfect Landing Page

You have created the perfect landing page for your business.

However, there’s a vast different between your perfect and your potential paying client’s perfect. And how do you know that? Because the conversion silence is deafening.

Here’s how to design a high-converting business landing page by incorporating these seven essential elements:




  1. Concise, clear copy: People won’t buy from you if they don’t know what you sell. As simple as that. Explain in easy language what your product or service is, what it does, who it is for, and what makes your business special.
  2. Plain calls to action: Your call to action buttons must stand out and tell people what you expect them to do. Include at least two call to action buttons – on above the fold and one below the fold.
  3. Be authentic: When you are real, you build trust. Write as you speak so that you don’t sound like a robot or actor on an infomercial.
  4. Hold your audience’s attention: You can grab and keep your potential clients engaged by writing in plain language, using images, keeping them smiling, and by touching their heart.
  5. The proof is in the pudding: Include testimonials, Facebook likes, and quotes. People want to see that other people like what you do too. State the names and post the pictures of your happy clients.
  6. Play with pricing psychology: Did you know that a price that you can say faster sounds cheaper? Or that the relative size and position of a price can have an impact? Without considering pricing psychology, you may not earn a dime. Also, give people options. It becomes easier to upsell when they have already bought from you.
  7. Get the order right: The perfect landing page must follow a logical, set sequence. First, you state the problem with a cool heading and thought-provoking image. Now speak about the solution that you offer. Third in line is proof that you know what you are talking about. Then mention prices. And finally, if they are not ready to buy yet, leave them pondering so that they come back at a later stage.

Creating the perfect landing page is somewhat of a science and a skill. Let the experts at Scarlett’s Web design your next high-converting, super engaging business landing page.