10 Questions You Must Ask Your Website Client

10 Questions You Must Ask Your Website Client

Website designers often get carried away by the fun part of designing a website. However, a website is more than just pretty pictures and a creative look and feel. It has to fulfil a purpose and reach specific goals.

Before you start designing a website for your client, ask them these 10 vital questions

1. What do you do?

This is a basic yet the best starting point. You must understand your client’s business from the inside out so that you can communicate it clearly with your beautiful design.

2.What are the goals for the site?

What exactly does your client want to use achieve with their website? Do they want more membership sign ups, accommodation bookings, sales or requests for quotes? These are the primary goals for the site.

And if website visitors are not ready to buy yet, what is the secondary aim? To get potential clients to subscribe to your newsletter, download your free e-book, or to get a Facebook like?

3.Do you have an existing website?

Remember to ask your client if they have a website already. The aim is to understand why they need to redesign it. Also, what they like and dislike about the existing site.

4.What makes your company stand out?

It is important to understand what makes your client different. There is a lot of competition and it is vital to communicate with your design what makes your client remarkable.

5.Who is the competition?

Ask your client who their direct and indirect competitors are. This will guide you on ways to make your client stand out of the crowd.

6.What other websites do they like?

If you know what elements they like and which ones they don’t, it will make your job so much easier. As a designer you know best, but you will have to find a compromise between your client’s wishes and your expertise.

7.Who is their target audience and what problems do they solve?

It is the designer’s job to communicate what problem your client solves. For this reason, you must know who their niche market is, what pains potential clients are experiencing, and how your website client is resolving these challenges.

8.What functionalities must the website have?

Clarify what features your client wants on the website. Do they want to sell stuff, grab leads, write weekly blogs, need a mobile and responsive site, capture comments, offer a quick contact form?

9.How will they measure the website’s success?

A website must have reason for being. Once your client knows what they want to achieve with their site, they must be able to record the results. How do they want to measure the success of their site?

10.Do they have an existing corporate identity?

Ask if your client has a style guide and then find out how closely you have to follow this existing brand or style.

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