3 Trends For Successful Facebook Ads

3 Trends For Successful Facebook Ads

Facebook makes it super easy for businesses to target their niche market with laser-sharp accuracy. For this reason, more and more companies are turning to Facebook to spend their marketing and advertising Rands.

Whether you organise a craft beer festival for 28 to 41-year old males in Gauteng, or a special spa day for ladies in their 50s, Facebook ads get your message delivered to the right consumers for the right results.

However, your Facebook ads must still inspire your target audience to take action.


Data sourced from 3 900 business have revealed the three trends that make Facebook ads perform optimally.

Use emojis.

Ninety percent of successful campaigns use emojis. Surprised face? Yes, even an enormous company like Coca-Cola has followed the trend. Are we going back to the days of hieroglyphs, you may ask? No, people (men and women) say emojis often convey feelings emojis better than words.

Remember, Facebook limits the amount of ad copy. If you want to convey your message quickly make use of emojis. or Facebook Messenger, or via SMS while on the move, according to our data the use of emojis tends to substantially increase traction and improve the click through rate of Facebook ads.

Use loads of images.

Albums with five or more photos up your click-through rate and relevancy score tremendously. High-quality images speak a thousand words: They make your products look beautiful, grab attention, and make it easier to recognise your company. Whether you sell insurance or coffee, stand out from the crowd with colourful and simple images.

These type of images catch the eye:

  • Special life moments like weddings or happy families.
  • Photos of babies, beautiful people or cute animals.
  • Images with bright colours.
  • Photos that appeal to the specific target audience.

Choose the right target audience.

Your emojis and images are ready. Now for the next step. Make your ads appear in front of the right (your) people. Bigger is often better. Use Facebook audience insights to identify a large enough audience with specific interests and who like specific pages. Scale your campaigns further by suing Facebook’s “look alike audiences” for finding even more people who have a similar profile to those who are already buying.  

Ready to create your dream campaign? The team at Scarlett’s Web is experts in Facebook ad creation. Let us guide you towards success.