How To Use YouTube To Market Your Business

How To Use YouTube To Market Your Business

The new way to announce your brand or product is to tell a story. Video allows you to tell the tale of your company in a way that builds a powerful emotional connection with your audience. You now have a golden opportunity to give a face to your business.

Home-made videos – an ordinary girl or guy standing in front of a camera – have been proven to have greater impact than professional productions. When you talk about what you know best and the passion for what you do shines from your face and voice, your positive vibes will cross borders and enter hearts.

Here are ten great tips on how to use YouTube to promote your business.

  1. Don’t reinvent the video wheel

Funny, weird or useful works – every time. Spend a little time on watching videos that get the most views, high ratings, most comments or subscribers. Now try and copy them with your unique touch and voice

2.  Keywords galore

Don’t be shy to use keywords all over. Include your keywords in the title, description and tags. You can use Google’s keyword tool to assist.

Here’s an example:

Keyword: Plant strawberries

Title: How to plant strawberries

Description: Do you want to know how to plant strawberries?

Tags: plant strawberries, how to plant strawberries, planting strawberries, grow your own strawberries

3. Borrow keywords from popular videos

Search for the popular videos in your market and poach their tags. Your videos are now likely to get listed under “suggestions” when someone views that video.

4. Thumbnails count

Make sure you choose a thumbnail that will get people’s attention. Now go to My account> My videos> Edit and voila!

5. Make your channel your own

A great-looking channel profile does wonders for your reputation and it shows that you are professional. Remember to include information about you and a link to your website. YouTube channel art is 2 560 x 1 440 pixels.

6. Add your URL to the description
Add the “http://” version of your URL to the beginning of your video description so people can click on your link and visit your site.

7. Call people to action

Use several calls to action to get clients clicking. These work really well:

  • Please rate this video.
  • Find me on Facebook.
  • Subscribe to my videos.
  • Visit my blog for more great videos.
  • Please post your comments.
  • Send this video to your friends.
  • Check out my channel.

8. Go soft of selling

Do not ask people to buy after watching your videos. Early adopters are few and far between. Get your marketing funnel in order for a much better response.

Here’s an example: Watch YouTube Video > Go to My Blog to Watch More Videos > Sign Up to Get My Exclusive Videos (You Capture Email Addresses Here) > Try to Sell Them a Low-Ticket Item > Try to Sell a High-Ticket Item to Those Who Bought from You Before.

9.  It’s a social network!
YouTube is a social network. Remember that you can add friends, join groups, create your own group and use the bulletin board to interact with the YouTube community.

10. Promote your videos
Don’t stop at uploading your videos to YouTube. Promote them like this:

  • Embed videos in your blog.
  • E-mail your YouTube link to your friends and contacts.
  • Write an article about your video and post it to article directories and forums.
  • Post your video to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and your other social networks.
  • Ask people to share your videos.

Need assistance with video making and video marketing on YouTube? Give Scarlett’s Web a call. YouTube is one of our preferred social channels.