Brand Personality Archetypes And How You Can Benefit

Brand Personality Archetypes And How You Can Benefit

The personality of your brand is a vital part of your business and determines how successfully you will attract new clients.

If you try to be everything to everyone, you will fail miserably. However, if you know who you are you can move mountains.

The 12 archetypes are a fun yet accurate way to determine who you are, what you stand for and what type of client you want to attract.

If it is time to get clear on your brand personality, assume 1 of these 12 basic personality and watch your business fly!




  1. The MAGIC MAKER. These brands are about visions, dreams, and fantasy worlds. They help you to create the impossible. Magicians transform your experiences. An interaction with them leave you feeling elated, hopeful and dreamy. A good example is Disney.
  2. The SCHOLAR pursues knowledge and nothing else. These brands are not warm and fussy. Harvard University fits perfectly into the scholar archetype.
  3. For the INNOCENT it is all about happiness. They just want to get to paradise. Faith and optimism are their core values. They will never play a guilt trip on you and hard sell their products or services. Nostalgia is key to success. Think of the Nestle chocolate ads.
  4. The REBEL wants to overturn what is not working. The rebel archetype appeals to the part of you that believes that rules are made to be broken. They don’t want to fit in or conform. Be who you are, says the rebel. Apple is a great example of the rebel archetype with their cult-like following of loyal outlaws.
  5. The Joker believes the only way to live is in the moment. They just want to have fun. They make you smile and connect to your inner child. Humour, silliness and nonsense are their forte. Captain Morgan rum fits into this archetype.
  6. The LOVER sells intimacy and meaningful experiences. They want you to associate them with the intimate moments like birthdays or anniversaries. It is all about the little luxuries of life. Think Netflorist.
  7. Don’t fence in the EXPLORER. They want to be free to explore the world. Explorer brands want you to be outside. Many outdoor brands are explorer archetypes.
  8. The RULER believes that power is not everything; it is the only thing. When you buy from a ruler brand, you belong to the elite. They sell high-quality and expensive stuff like jewellery and high-end vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is a good example of a ruler type.
  9. The CAREGIVER wants to look after you. They want to be there for you and your loved ones. It is all about warmth and trust. John & Johnson is a good example of a caregiver archetype that focuses focusses on how their products help you take care of your children.
  10. The HERO proves itself by means of courageous acts. They don’t want to take care of you, they want to challenge you. Rise to any occasion with the help of the hero. The furniture polis Mr. Min is such a superhero for a super-clean home.
  11. The REGULAR GUY/GIRL is down to earth and want to connect with people. They sell a reliable product that gets the job done. It is not pretentious and appeals to a large audience across demographics. Everyone needs washing powder, don’t they?
  12. The CREATOR wants to create things with lasting value. They want to build the perfect product. Lego is a great example of a creator archetype. They used the simplest technology possible: blocks and pushed it to perfectionism.

So, what archetype is your brand?

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