Your Website Colours Speak A Thousand Words

Your Website Colours Speak A Thousand Words

Modern science confirms that colour affects our feelings and thoughts. Too much red can get you hot under the collar and yellow in unhealthy doses can actually make you feel sick to the stomach.

Something as seemingly simple as colour does subtly influence – consciously or subconsciously – the way a person views your business, whether they feel comfortable buying from you or the emotion they want to experience when using your services.

The colour scheme of your website also plays a big role in how professional it looks.

When choosing colours for your site, make sure you know what you want to communicate non-verbally and let the tints and shades speak for themselves.

Let the meanings of the different colours guide the design choices for your website.


Red is a strong, powerful colour. It communicates security, ambition and authority. It also creates a sense of urgency. A red Call to Action button could just get you those all-important leads and sales.


Orange says warmth, joy and positive energy. It works well if you sell goods. But don’t overwhelm your users with too much orange. Use it in your logo or to highlight important features.


Yellow speaks of happiness and optimism. Make people feel welcome to your site with splashes of yellow. This colour also speak of inspiration and users may feel light and filled with sunshine when they visit your website.


Green communications abundance in all forms – money, health and love. Companies use green to convey the message that they care for the earth and act in its best interest (even if they don’t always to that). A fresh light green also conveys a message of newness and movement.


Blue clams and soothes. It says we are stable, responsible and reliable. If you want visitors to feel relaxed and comfortable when visiting your website, make liberal use of blue.


Nothing says royalty more than the colour purple. It is the colour of luxury but also of being unique. If you want to convey trustworthiness, purple will do the job.

Do your colour choices convey the right message about your company? And does your customer base connect with the tints and shades of your brand and website?

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