Let Your Site Visitors Linger Longer With These Catchy Content Tips

Let Your Site Visitors Linger Longer With These Catchy Content Tips

Creating captivating web content is an art form. Compared to printed materials, web visitors only scan copy. If they cannot find what they are looking for in 10 to 20 seconds, they will leave and find another site that caters for their needs. Loyalty and patience do not exist in this new digital age of instant gratification.

So how do you get visitors to remain, read and even buy from you?

Get your keyboard or pen ready, and start writing content that persuades people to get cosy and enjoy a long and lavish stay on your website.

These top 10 tips will help you to create web content that inform, entertain or convince.




  1. Your content must speak to your potential customer. If you type a specific phrase into a search box you expect certain results. When you click on someone’s site and the information is old or not relevant, you will bounce from the site and continue the search.
  2. Make it short and sweet. Most internet users are not interested in long stories.
  3. Keep it simple, Sam. Write as if you’re writing for a 12-year old because that makes your copy easy-to-follow.
  4. Make it easy for users to find what they are looking for. Break your content down and introduce one topic per paragraph.
  5. Spelling and grammatical errors are just not good for your professional reputation. Make sure you check and recheck your work.
  6. Write with authority. You know your products and services best.
  7. People do business with people. A conversational style makes visitors feel comfortable and that they can connect to you on a personal level.
  8. Make your site visually appealing by using relevant images or graphics.
  9. Use the inverted pyramid method. It means that you should put the most important information first, followed by supporting or explanatory information, and the least important information at the bottom.
  10. Use ordered list instead of paragraphs, write short sentences and paragraphs, include subheadings, use “you” instead of “I”, and include relevant keywords throughout the text.

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