Negative Keywords To Keep Unwanted Searchers Away From Your Ads

Negative Keywords To Keep Unwanted Searchers Away From Your Ads

A sophisticated set of negative keywords that is continuously expanded and refined based on real data must be part of every Pay Per Click (PPC) and/or Ad Word campaign. Negative keywords are words and phrases that you do not want searchers to associate with what you have to offer.

If you add negative keywords to your PPC campaigns, your ads will not be seen by users that you don’t want as customers. In other words, it is an effective way to gather quality leads.

The other great benefits of building a negative key word list and implementing this strategy, is that you save money on wasted clicks and your click through rate improves dramatically. In turn, better quality scores mean you can bid less than a competitor and maintain high/higher ad positions on a search results page.

Avoid these types of users

To make sure your ads are not served to the following groups of people who are in effect wasting your money (especially if every penny counts), include the following negative key words in your next PPC or Ad Group campaign:

Job seekers

If you don’t want common employment and career-related searchers to find you use these words:

  • career
  • employment
  • hiring
  • intern
  • internship
  • job
  • recruiter

Bargain hunters

If you are a premium provider, include these negative key words:

  • bargain
  • cheap
  • clearance
  • discounted
  • free
  • inexpensive


Hobbyists are found in every industry. If you don’t want them to qualify as leads, make sure you use:

  • craft
  • create
  • handmade
  • homemade
  • how to


If you have a limited budget, avoid the researchers:

  • association
  • associations
  • book
  • books
  • case studies
  • guide
  • metrics
  • research
  • review
  • statistics
  • success stories
  • tutorials
  • white paper

    If you need help to build a negative key words list for your business and side-step unwanted guests, contact Scarlett’s Web today.