Design A Winning Website With These 10 Principles

Design A Winning Website With These 10 Principles

Effective web design requires time, skill and creativity. However, the users of your site will be the ultimate judge of whether it has the right look and feel and is easy to navigate.

If you have not done a proper job of designing an effective website, you will experience high bounce rates, low time on site, low pages per visit and low conversions.



Develop and design your custom website that works by keeping the following 10 principles in mind:

  1. Purpose

In the olden days everybody had a website just for the sake of having one or to compete with the Jones’. Today the purpose of your website is vital: Decide whether you want to use the site to inform, entertain, interact or sell.

  1. Readability

Time is a precious commodity. Make sure your content is quick to read and easy to digest.

  1. Fonts

Don’t get too fancy with fonts. The tried and trusted Arial and Verdana fonts are easy to read online and the ideal size is 16px.

  1. Colour

Enhance the experience of users by considering the psychology of colour and the affects different colours have on people’s moods and buying patterns. And remember, white space is important too.

  1. Images

Vision is the master of the senses. A high-quality, emotive picture can create an instant connection with your audience.

  1. Navigation

The rule of thumb is that users must find the information that they are looking for within three clicks.

  1. Lay-out

A messy, unstructured appearance may scare off your website’s visitors. Sections, columns and boxes that line up and feel balanced make for effective, user-friendly web design.

  1. What to put where

A reader’s natural behaviour is to read from left to right, and top to bottom. Put the important stuff at the top and to the left of the screen.

  1. Make it fast

Waiting for a website to load is a sure-fire way of sending visitors to your competitor’s site. Optimise image sizes, combine code into a central CSS or JavaScript file and minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  1. Responsive

Potential clients must be able to access your website from multiple devices. If yours cannot be read on a mobile device make sure you redesign your site to be responsive.

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