4 Reasons To Choose A WordPress Site

4 Reasons To Choose A WordPress Site
Don’t allow yourself to be stumped by continuous complexities when choosing a platform for your website. WordPress is one of many, but it’s one that works. You can find plenty of WP training online, and keeping your site secure is easy. Find out more.

WordPress (or WP) is a platform for designing (and, if you choose, hosting) your business blog. Why choose WP over various other website design and hosting platforms? When it comes to WordPress, we’re not pressed for words:

Here are five reasons why it’s a smart choice:

1.     WordPress is easy to use

Making a website shouldn’t be like trying to crack the Enigma code. You’re not on the frontline in World War 2 – you’re just trying to get a functional, effective website up and running. WordPress is convenient because there are pre-made templates you can get and customise with your desired design elements and colour schemes, to make your site mirror your brand.

2.    WordPress is easy to crawl

We’re not talking about babies when we talk about ‘crawling’ and WordPress. The way Google’s algorithm’s scan websites, deciding on how topically relevant their content is and where it should rank for key phrases, is called ‘crawling’.

WordPress is particularly easy to crawl, thanks to third-party plugins like Yoast SEO that let you specify the meta content (headings and descriptions) that appear in search results. Outranking competitors in search results with your content becomes easy once your website has been around a while and your domain has aged and grown more trustworthy.

3.     There’s also plenty of training available

You don’t need to be a WordPress whizz from the outset to get going and start putting out content on WordPress. There are plenty of tutorials available that will guide you through everything you need to know to make your professional blog a success.

4.     It’s simple to keep your WP site secure

Sometimes you start a blog and it’s all going great. Suddenly your comments section is flooded with spam about shoes or garbled offers for tropical vacations.

There are WordPress plug-ins for automatically deleting spam comments and plug-ins for locking parts of your content with username and password protection. It’s a breeze to keep your WP site secure and update to newer releases that keep a step ahead of hackers.

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