What? Not Engaging? Scardey-Cat!

Brand EngagementIf you are not already using social media to engage with your customers, now is the time! Going social can be a great way of building your reputation and boosting sales – and it doesn’t have to be labour-intensive to get real results.

Where possible, socialise your products/services by allowing users to share them across their preferred social platforms. A great tool for integrating this functionality into your website can be found on ShareThis.com and you can streamline your social efforts by checking out which networks your users prefer to use.

You can also generate influence by taking advantage of the human penchant for research. Writing regular articles on a specialist subject is a great way to build your reputation and add value to your brand!

Not only will it boost your website’s Google ranking in search results but it will also establish you as an expert in your field – you would be surprised at how many new clients you can attract simply by writing a good post.