What Makes A High Converting Landing Page?

What Makes A High Converting Landing Page?

What Makes A Highly Converting Website? You’ll Kick Yourself After Reading This…

What Makes A Good Landing Page That Has The Ability To Convert A Targeted Audience?

In order to create a good landing page there are a few basic elements that need to be in play. This isn’t by any means an exhaustive list; however, missing any of these components will undoubtedly cause your landing page to suffer.

– Strong Headline (Asking a question that includes the users’ main search query)
– Topically Focused Content (Keeping product / service bio specs relevant to the page theme)
– Benefit-Oriented Content (Boasting brand value in the service / product benefits)
– Scannable Content (People don’t read, they scan – give pointers, easy to read information)
– Visual Clarity (Keep in mind of the white and lining spaces of the landing page layout)
– Call-to-Action (Use Of A different colour such as orange or green to stand out and express motivation to act)
– Testing (Don’t just rely on perceived instinct – play around, test, optimise)

(Source: http://searchengineland.com/why-my-optimized-landing-pages-trump-your-seo-and-ppc-landing-pages-everytime-167430)

So Then How Do You Optimise Your Website?

The primary focus of search engine optimization is on rankings. That’s not to say good SEO doesn’t include other things. It does… which is the point I’m getting to. But for simplicity, here are some core components of an optimized page which is basically like the above however with a little of an seo kick to the formula.

– Keyword Focused Title
– Well-Written Description
– Keyword Focused Headline
– Keyword Focused Content
– Content with Properly Coded Hierarchy
– Inbound Links
– Socialisation Options
– A/B Testing

For loads of leads, great ad positioning and lower cost per click – We like to use the following as our fundamental guide:

User search query to match keyword phrase in ad text to also match desired landing page.

Synchronicity flow ( search query + relevant ad text + desired landing page = motivation to act (relevant and quality conversions/online leads )

The search query will show in bold to provide user the most relevant match. Here is an example of landing page best practices

Here Is A Simple Formula You Can Use To Create The Perfect Landing Page

Fundemental Page Layout Using The AIDA Model

AIDA MODEL Uses the following flow:

A Attention (Main keyword in heading – eg. Need Customised Self Storage? )

I Interest (Benefits & features – eg. Leading Provider Of Self Storage, From Only R386 p/m!)

D Differentiaor (What Separates You – eg. We Deliver, Collect, Free Insurance, No Contracts!)

A Action (Motivation 2 Act Quickly – eg. Sign Up In The Month Of June And Get One Month Free!

Example Of Ad Text For Google Adwords:

Need Storage In Fourways?‪‬
‬ ‪Leading Provider Of Self Storage‬
‪From Only R385 Per Unit Per Month‬

Match this formula with your landing page and advertising and you have a winning flow of online conversion which are relevant and of great quality.
The more relevant, the better ad positioning and lower the cost per click

Additional Landing Page Attributes For Higher Conversion Rates:

Show what others are doing (industry statistics), customer reviews, most popular items, scarcity of products, persuade with relevant images & short videos, show authority in industry, reduce possilbe fears with guarantees and peace of mind.

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