Thinking Of Using Free Websites For Your Brand?

Thinking Of Using Free Websites For Your Brand?
Disadvantages Of Using Free Websites

Disadvantages Of Using Free Websites

I was actually in this position myself. I had a website designed on Wix years ago… what a process!

Should you use a free website builder for your business?

I originally answered this question “YES.” I felt like I could do it, after all I am a smart gal, so I tried it out – what did I have to lose, I was sold.

Eventually, I switched from my free website to having one designed and hosted by a professional. And I am so glad that I did.

I have looked at a number of these free website builder websites and have found that there are definite pros and cons, but I made the switch for some specific reasons and I wanted to share why.

So you’re thinking about creating a free website? Although creating free websites can save you money, it also comes with some major disadvantages. Before you go ahead and create your free website, you should try and understand the pros and cons.

Advantages of Free Websites

…. here’s the whopa

  • They’re free.

That’s about the only thing completely free websites have got going for them!

Here are some of the major disadvantages of most free websites:

    • No Permanent Address – A completely free website means no domain name. This means that your website doesn’t have it’s own, permanent address. Unless you get your own domain name, the address of your website will be attached to the address of your hosting provider’s website.On the other hand, if you had your own domain name, it would look more like this (worth it)
  • Ads – Most free web hosts display advertising on your web pages. This is how they earn money.
  • Here today, gone tomorrow… – If you are able to find a free web host that doesn’t display ads all over your page, chances are they’ll soon go out of business. Otherwise, how are they going to make any money? I’ve heard lots of stories of free hosting providers going out of business (and taking their customers’ websites with them)
  • Free today, expensive tomorrow… – If they don’t go out of business, they could simply start charging you instead. I’ve heard of this happening too. Plus, those who didn’t want to pay lost their websites.
  • No Support – Free web hosts will often provide little or no support. And this is understandable – they probably aren’t making enough money to pay for proper support staff. How many times have you heard the term “You get what you pay for”.
  • Slow Website – If a web host isn’t charging customers, they’ll need to cut corners somewhere. One way of doing this is to cram more websites onto each server. The end result of this? Your website becomes increasingly slow

If you are serious about your brand and convinced it is not a fly by night service/product contact Scarlett’s Web for a free quote on a website that doesn’t cost and arm and leg!