Improving Low Quality Scores – Google Adwords’ Silent Serial Killer

Improving Low Quality Scores – Google Adwords’ Silent Serial Killer


Poor quality scores are a master at weighing your campaign down, preventing ads from showing, worse getting penalised at a high price to come up in search results. If you are a little like me, you have probably reached a point where everything you’ve tried; every technique possible isn’t able to fix low quality scores? Here is a simple yet effective technique I use for our clients’ Adwords search campaigns.

Late one Tuesday afternoon; I chose to whoooosa my frustrated energy and kill some time by wondering in and out of client account within the MCC; feeling my way through what’s not working from a very determined positive point of view – GRRRR, a lengthly exercise inviting any account manager to their favourite local bar.

The example below is a before image I took before the change in quality score

Low quality score before optimisation

4 hours into that Tuesday evening, I was at the point of giving up when that aha moment finally present herself in her shinning tall and proud self when I least expected. This aha realisation uncovered a simple technique that dramatically increased the quality scores across clients’ accounts.

The internal struggle of moving from +modified +broad +matches into broad matches; a moment of desert tumbleweeds danced it’s fears; moving modified to board and phrase to modified opened up a new, practical and paradoxal method to increasing your quality scores in your accounts.

The example below is after I made that simple change that dramatically increased my quality scores

Increasing quality scores

So what can we take away from this lesson?

“When in doubt, go back to basics” #BroadMatchAppreciation

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