How To Be Different From Your Competitors

How To Be Different From Your Competitors

How To Be One-Of-A-Kind In The Market Place

So what sets you apart in your business?

Are you doing a enough good job communicating your unique values and ethics? Here’s How To Be Different From Competitors

Go to any agency marketer, branding expert or internet marketing agency and they’ll tell you straight out that if you want to stand out from the competition you must have a unique selling point. That means you must offer something no one else does.

Okay, you see their point right? Thing is… it’s not that so easy finding that specialness in the real world…. or is it?

After all, you sell thingamabobs. The problem is your competitors also sell the thingamabobs that are very similar. You do offer slightly different features, but nothing that’s going to make you stand head and shoulders above everyone else.

Yes I know, it may seem hopeless and a lot of work, but all is not lost. Offer something that makes you stand out in the crowd of buying process chaos.

Want to know what it is?

It’s you boet!
Just like a fingerprint – Nothing makes your business more authentic.

authentic branding

Focus On What Makes You Truly Unique

The way you do things is unique to you. Nothing more nothing less. That simple.

Competing on price is never going to work so don’t even try. Instead, work on convincing your customers that you’re the best because of what you offer them through your service and values.

If you’ve read any of the recent posts before you’ll be scratching your head right now because I always tell you that your customers should come first in your marketing. It’s true, they should, but in the scenario that follows, telling them about your values will be of benefit to them.

For argument’s sake lets’ say you source and sell promotional goods for companies. Your market sector is cram packed with companies doing the same thing, but are their processes the same as yours?

You pride yourself on going the extra mile to make sure everything you source is ethically produced. That will appeal to loads of businesses who are hot on their social responsibility, so there’s a huge tick beside your company straight away.

Make sure you are telling your story. Create materials that shout about your values, and highlight the efforts you take to make sure all your suppliers comply with your ethos.