Are You One Of The 1 Billion A Day?

Where Is Your Brand On Google's Map?I know this sounds a tad obvious, but if you’re selling products directly from your website, make sure that it renders well across all devices. This means making it text-light and easy to use.

Consumers want to be able to see what they are buying before handing over their hard earned cash, so make sure your product images are of high enough resolution to look great whether on a 15-inch screen or a hand-held smart-phone. This can often mean getting your developers to create two sites – one for mobile devices and one for larger screens – but, if your market is predominantly mobile, then it’s an investment that’s well worthwhile!

Research, Socialising & Entertainment

Despite what you may think, it’s not just social media and online shopping that are drawing the crowds. Checking your emails and searching for information remain the staples of online activity, with over 90% of us going online for these two reasons alone.

News and information sites enjoy a huge amount of traffic, with the largest audiences coming from users aged 25 to 34. While this younger group is certainly the biggest, engagement levels actually increase with age, peaking with people aged 55 and over.

When it comes to access, more tablet and smartphone owners are using their devices to research products (80%) than purchase them (41%), and simultaneous consumption of TV and tablets is becoming the norm making in formation junkies of us all. The fact that Google now handles over 1 billion search queries every single day, indicates a truly unquenchable thirst and hunger for knowledge!

That being said, when it comes to “searching” behaviours, not all are created equal. Researchers have found that men spend on average 20 minutes more on news sites than women, possibly because the ladies are otherwise occupied updating their Facebook profiles and pinboards. I am not being sexist here – many believe that Pinterest’s sharp rise to fame is due to a heady combination of gossip and social media – a cocktail that has earned it the title of being the “first major social networking site to be driven by women”.While Pinterest’s three founders are all men, its US member are overwhelmingly female.

Whatever gender differences exist across certain social platforms, it seems that we simply cannot get enough of networking. When a species collectively spends 6.7 billion hours on social media in one month alone, chances are it’s because they are hard-wired for socialisation.