5 Website Development Fails To Avoid

5 Website Development Fails To Avoid

5 Website Development Fails To Avoid

Your website is the foyer that potential customers or clients have to pass through to get to the other wings of your brand’s house – your products or services. It needs to be clear to visitors where they should go. Your website should also give new and returning visitors alike an enticing visual and conceptual experience.

Here are 5 website developments fails to avoid:

Website Development Fails To Avoid

1. Not Being Mobile-friendly

If you’re still lovingly cradling an old brick-form Nokia cell phone, then that’s clearly your preference. Yet many online shoppers (millennials in particular) use smart phones with capacitive touch and other current features.

Having a dated website that isn’t mobile responsive is a big fail in contemporary web design. Besides turning off mobile users, tiny, non-adaptive text and fixed-width frames are bad for search rankings because Google counts mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor.

2. Confusing Website Navigation

Navigating your website shouldn’t drive visitors to the brink of a mental breakdown. The fundamental phrase in user experience is ‘don’t make me think.’ Website visitors should be able to work out intuitively where they should go on your site to perform a desired action. Clear design incorporating an information hierarchy that makes sense is vital.

3. Terrible Page Load Speeds

Page loading times are also important ranking factors for search and are low page load times are good for user experience. Google’s algorithms favour websites the more relevant they are and the better user experience they provide.

In a world of fast internet, waiting for a page to load should never be more teeth-pulling than a visit to Home Affairs. This leads to ‘pogo-sticking’ – when visitors quickly click ‘back’ in their browser – after reaching your site, to find a speedier alternative.

Website Development Fails we need to avoid

4. Off-brand Design

It’s also important that there is a close match between your website’s design and the brand message you want to convey. Visitors will be confused if your website copy conveys values such as ‘tradition’ and ‘old-fashioned’ but your design is edgy and futuristic, for example.

Confused visitors don’t easily convert to paid customers. Hiring skilled website developers will ensure that your design is created to brief and is on-brand.

5. Fussy, Overcomplicated Website Forms

When you ask potential customers or clients for their personal details, you’re asking for trust. There’s also the hassle of filling a form out. For these reasons, it’s crucial that your website’s forms are as frictionless and direct as possible. It should be 120% clear what you’re asking the form viewer to do. Form copy should also communicate the benefits of form completion.

To avoid the mistakes above and other website development fails, invest in the services of skilled web developers who will make sure visitors enjoy your foyer and are keen to visit the rest of your house!