See how we do it

Research + Analysis

Understanding your business, defining your customers

Audience Segmentation

1. A solid knowledge foundation

We start our strategy session with you by listening to you, and gleaning as much information about your business as possible. We want to know all about your activities, your products, your target audience. We want to understand every process and build that strong base so vital to any successful digital campaign.

2. Setting the targets; defining the means

We define our success in the same way that you do: through tangible results. By establishing exactly what you would like to achieve, we set objectives and concrete ways of evaluating results. Whether you want to build your brand, increase your sales, or create an awareness and share information with your target market, we are able to deliver a clear return on investment.

3. Tapping in on collective expertise

Our team of designers, writers, strategists and marketers function as a well-oiled machine. This team is living proof that the whole is worth more than the sum of its parts, as each individual makes their own invaluable, specialised contribution to the projects we work on. This gives you the assurance of best practice and best outcomes at all times.

4. Making it all work together

Our coders and website builders are truly talented individuals who have never let us down. With their expertise you are assured of minimal down time, hands-on management of the elements we create and the projects we manage, and a website or digital platform that delivers the way it needs to.


"Their comprehensive knowledge of online marketing & SEO campaigns were instrumental in the success of our various online campaigns in the last 5 years" - Mariska, Pharma Dynamics

"Besides the quality of their work, their team has a vibrant disposition and a can do attitude which Eurolux likes very much!" - Andrew, Eurolux

"With their very professional service and feedback at all time, we have peace of mind that our campaigns are always running to its best potential" - Sean, Surf4Cars